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In the world full of best free video streaming apps, ShowBox is the prodigious Android app that enables you to watch TV shows and movies in HD quality. What makes this app different from Netflix or Amazon Prime, you might ask? ShowBox is free with veritable features and authentic interface that makes the procedure of searching and streaming, simpler. Unlike Putlocker, ShowBox loads up the interface with adorn navigation. With a humongous collection, the database contains some of the very latest movies on constant rejuvenation. To know more about ShowBox, Workability of Show Box, Procedure to Download ShowBox App, and to Install ShowBox on different platforms, read this article that explains everything with utmost connotation.

ShowBox App Download for Android Free Movies App


Call us biased or anything, but we genuinely think that ShowBox is one of the best  Android video streaming apps available out there on the roads. As mentioned above, being free is how it is racing at the first place ahead of its competitors. Not only superior to free movie streaming sites, it also provides armament to the content with packed features that lead to the movie/TV Show you want to watch. However, the selection sometimes appears to be limited, but most of the videos that are available will be displayed on the home page itself. In case, if you can’t find them on it, you can search for them by using the search function. The new TV Shows which are not available without filters and cam prints are often available on the ShowBox.  Manifold with several filters like genre, variety, year, the videos can also be sorted according to either IMDB’s rating or ShowBox’s self-rating. The content shows up within seconds of the search and can be streamed effortlessly. The absence of any loading problems and lag is what makes ShowBox, a true masterpiece.

Free TV Shows and Movies on the ShowBox App

ShowBox contains  a huge collection of various movies and TV shows including most popular releases of 2015 like The Ant-Man, Minions, Avengers Age of Ultron, The Martian, Pan et. al. Many TV Shows right from Game of Thrones to Vampire Diaries are available and are being updated on a new episode release basis. The best part of ShowBox is that it has got an agglomeration of old classics. Imagine yourself, wanting to watch a classic like ‘The Fountain Head’.  ThePirateBay, NetFlix, Kickass Torrents. No! None of them has got this movie on the list. This is where ShowBox proves its worth. It has got many movies right from the 1930s to 2010s. Movies like Pinocchio, Bambi, Wizard of Oz,  Gulliver’s Travels are available in HD quality.  In case, if you’re a movie buff or someone who is really enthusiastic about the video varieties, ShowBox is an endorsement for you with large content.

Sitting in your bed on a Sunday night, you might be dying with the urge to watch ‘Friends’ all over again. But, downloading it will take till morning and you don’t have so much time to afford. That’s when ShowBox comes to your rescue. With ShowBox, you can find a TV series that you’re fond of and check out all the available seasons of it by going through the drop-down menu. This menu displays you all the episodes and when you open a particular episode by tapping on it, a pop-up appears leading to the video with downloading/Streaming options.  Adding to the flavor, ShowBox contains TV shows like Arrow, The Flash, The Walking Dead, House MD, South Park, New Girl, Family Guy and The Simpsons, even. Imagine? Simpsons! That too from the first episode of the first season.

Show Box App Video Quality

Video quality is an intriguing aspect when it comes to the video streaming.  I mean, how will you even get satisfied when you can’t watch a High definition video of your favorite movie? Keeping facts straight, if you’re watching it for the first time, it would be okay. But, if you’re watching it for the second time or for the nth time, you obviously will prefer the HD quality content. Comparing with the alternatives, Netflix has got the best video quality, but other free websites like Solarmovie or Putlocker have a number of issues regarding the quality, rummage of the videos. ShowBox simplifies things for you. After searching your specific video, you can get a page including options and information available with the video. From the quality, you can choose a cut-fine one based on your bandwidth right from 360P to 720P. After selecting it, all you have to do is either download or stream the movie with your containing video player based on the console.

Again, it is nearly impossible to have all the videos in HD format. Most of the them are of HD range and can be streamed with sophistication. Talking in numbers, nine out of ten movies in the first pages of the movie section belongs to 720P video quality. Only a few movies that are not so notorious and hard to find are available in low video quality.  Sporadically, streaming content might take long due to the buffering. This might happen due to the bandwidth issues, network connection, data packet transfer and actually, is common with almost all of the best online free video streaming services. One can always resolve it by pausing the video for a while and then streaming it after the content is buffered or by choosing a resolution level that is feasible with your network speed. The later option is culled rather than the first one, as you can avoid the option of buffering, on a whole.

How to Use the ShowBox App

This section is solely dedicated to the usage of ShowBox App with an elaborate explanation of the features that are embedded and the navigation of the interface. As ShowBox is originally a factual Android App, this section will be guided based on the Android device platform. ShowBox’s interface is neither opulent not simple, but just the right that is needed for the required functionality. Vertically displayed, the TV Shows and the movies are to be viewed horizontally when enabled with full-screen mode. Initially, when you first enter the website, you will be directed to the movies page. At the top is the menu button, title, search button, options button displayed from left to right. The Menu button has the outlook as same as it has in the Android devices with three vertically stacked lines. The search button looks as a magnifying glass, with default and the settings button is represented with three horizontally stacked dots.

The option saying, movies is symbolized to let the viewers that they are in the movies section. For example, if you go to the TV Shows sections, the option says, TV Shows.Entering into the functional purposes of the buttons, a touch of the menu button will give you a dropdown of several other menus. For example, movie section, the favorites section, TV shows section, download section, updates section etc. On the movie section, you will be furnished with unlimited scrolling of chiliad movies including highly rated, popular and latest movies that are recently updated. This endless scrolling option works well when you enter ShowBox without having a particular movie in mind but want to recreate yourself by having some fun time. Within this section, you can start downloading or streaming a movie by tapping on the ‘play button’ of the movie graphics.


The second up the list is the search button. If you are enthusiastic about searching a movie that is stored in your mind, you can start by searching it through the search button. All you have to do is type the name of the movie title that you want to search for. By entering the letters one by one, filtered search results will be displayed, eventually leading you to the one movie, you want to watch. Similar is the case with TV shows. The only difference is, if you tap on the movie graphics of the movie, it will lead you to a page displaying the video streaming where in the case of the TV show, you will have a display screen showing episodes of the seasons that are available. The third one on the screen from the left is favorited menu. It acts like a contextual metaphor for the bookmark tool. For suppose, if you have the certain set of movies/TV shows that are to be watched again, you can just bookmark them to avoid searching again and again while you visit the ShowBox, next time. Bookmarking can be done by pressing the star shaped icon present in the video streaming page. Once the video is bookmarked, you can find them under the favorites menu by avoiding the pain of navigating multiple times. On the fourth menu titled as Downloads, you can just have a view of all the movies/TV shows that have been downloaded and the ones that are being downloaded. You can access and gain control over the downloading procedure by moving to this menu on a frantic note. Being the last menu, the updates option notifies you about the recent episodes, latest movies and any of the new videos that are being added to the database. The newly released episodes of your favorite TV shows can also be monitored under My Tab.

The interface of Show Box is alluring and interactive because of its user-friendly design and simplicity. It is not only universal but is paltry to get a grip of.  Anyone with an average technical knowledge can easily understand the navigation process. The only part which might make the Show Box usage difficult is downloading/streaming the content.  When you tap on the graphic to watch the video, it usually appears in the videos app. During the first time, you will be asked to choose a default video app for streaming. Be careful about what you choose. Because, once you’ve chosen it, all the videos will only be viewed by this video player. Multiple navigations are what you have to do, before downloading the file. After following the nuts and bolts, you will see the video that has been downloading in the download menu from the top of the display. The downloading video can only be watched only after the download is finished. So, wait till the bar reaches 100% progress.

How to Download and Install ShowBox App

As we know all the apps that run on the Android devices are of .apk format, the first step that involves in the downloading is to get hold of the ShowBox APK. The interesting part is that it is not available in the Google Play Store. Therefore, you have to download it from the external sources. Here’s the download link for ShowBox APK. Click this link from your smartphone and download it. You can also download the APK file from the PC/Laptop and transfer it to the smartphone via Bluetooth/USB/WiFi.

Now once you have the ShowBox App APK file on your Android device, you need make sure you have enabled the download and installation option for apps from external sources. To do this, navigate to “Settings > Security > Unknown Sources”. Tick the box which is available next to the “Unknown Sources”. This is the usual way to find and enable this option. However, in rare cases, the navigation might vary, depending on the device type.


After downloading  the ShowBox APK file from the link, you need to locate it. If you have downloaded it from the smartphone, you will find it in the notification bar. If you transferred the file, you will have to search for it in the file manager. Either way, you will end up finding the .apk file. Tap on it and start the installation. Once it is installed, you can find the icon on the system tray menu of your phone. Open it by clicking on it and create a profile by registering yourself with a single email ID. You don’t need to subscribe yourself to the services, neither you should pay to get access to it. ShowBox is entirely free and the revenue model runs of adverts who pay to get their content advertised.

Although, it intrinsically is designed only for Android devices; it is not available for many other consoles. ShowBox is also available for PC, Laptop, iPhone and iPad, Mac, Kindle Fire, Chromecast, XBox, and Blackberry. If you’re looking for a guide to install the respective files,  here are our corresponding guides for each of the platform including Xbox and Chromecast, even. In case if you need help installing or facing any installation errors on any kind of platform, check the links below to get the better conveyance.

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Conclusion Is ShowBox the Best Free Movie Streaming App?

So everything being done and dusted, we personally think that ShowBox is the best free movie streaming app for Android. Period. If you want to keep yourself updated with the latest features, fixations to errors, movie lists, what to watch and other enthralling articles, just keep an eye on this site every now and then. If you have any personal questions or problems that are to be addressed, let us know about them in the comment section so that we can get back to you.

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